wolf hall ringDo you remember when BBC 2 aired the mini-series, Wolf Hall?  I thought it was brilliant and the costumes and interiors were completely evocative of the period and just how I imagined they would be. Of course I spent a good deal of time looking at the jewellery too and thinking how great it would be to make some like it. Imagine my surprise and delight when one of our clients got in touch and said he would like a ‘Wolf Hall ring”!    He discussed it at length with Polly, decided what colour stone he would prefer, and Polly went to work.

This is the result of that collaboration, and once again the Imitation Game had been played well because Mr C was absolutly delighted. Well, he put it on his finger, wandered over to the window to look at in the light and after a moment or two turned to Polly and said ‘Yes, I like it.’  Deal done, cash in hand and away he went.  It was a lovely piece actually, and talk about dreams coming true! It’s so exactly the sort of commission we love to get; the right stone for the metal, the right style and the perfect customer.  Making commissioned work is great fun actually; discussing style, picking stones, looking at the website to see what sort of thing is wanted, and then making it. The difficulty is that the buyer and the maker see things in their minds differently, but with clear communication and without too much tweaking we can get exactly what the client is  hoping for, and the satisfaction is extreme – both for the commissioner and the commissionee! (is that even a word??)  ‘The Wolf Hall Ring’, as it’s now known, was one such perfect collaboration. There have been many since, happily, but that one really sticks in my mind. Do get in touch if you have a dream you’d like to see come true…

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